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Knee Pain is One of the Most Common Conditions which Impairs the Quality of Life of the Patient.

It's common among adults and most often associated with general wear and tear from daily activities like walking, bending, standing and lifting.

The knee is the body’s largest joint and one of the strongest. Because the knee’s structure is complex, the joint is susceptible to many types of injuries; common knee problem includes athletes.

Arthritis is a common disorder that affects the joints. It can cause pain and inflammation, making it difficult to move or stay active. Knee pain is one of the most common conditions which impairs quality of life of the patient.

Total Knee Pain Kit
that can help you treat your Knee Pain

Components of the Total Knee Pain Kit

  1. Cap Atut (Bone nutrition capsule)
  2. Spray (Muscle ease spray)
  3. Ointment (Joint smoothening ointment)
  4. Exercise videos
  5. Dietician call
  6. Diet chart
  7. Online Doctor consultation
  8. Online physiotherapist assessment & consultation
  9. Health coach support

Today’s Special Price: ₹1700

This Program works best on

Chronic knee pain: Pain is persistent from many years

Chronic Osteoarthritis of Knee joint

Ligament Tear Grade I, II, III

Meniscal Tear Grade I, II, III

Cartilage Rupture

Synovial Fluid Loss

Program Benefits

  • The entire program is designed based on recent research protocols and guidelines from various health organizations globally.
  • All the exercises are designed in a manner to correct and strengthen your body’s kinetic chain.
  • They aim to focus not only on reducing the pain in your knees but also aim to improve functionality and quality of life.

How this Total Knee Pain Management Program Works

PainOut Spray

This spray is helpful to activate your muscles for the exercise so that you will start doing exercises easily. It also helps improve your blood circulation around the knee and reduces the pain intensity. You will have to apply this spray on Knee Joint and surrounded painful area, wait for 2-3 min and get ready for exercise

MuscleEZ Ointment

This ointment is helpful to reduce inflation hence reduce the pain. Apply Joint Smoothing Gel on and around the knee joint and massage gently after you finish your exercise. You can also apply this ointment the night before sleeping which will help you reduce joint stiffness and pain during the night.

Tablet ATUT

Specially made Ayurvedic Tablet ATUT is a research product to improve cartilage health, reduce inflammation and reduce pain intensity. You will have to take 2 ATUT capsules twice a day after a meal.

Today’s Special Price: ₹1700

Exercise Program

  • The exercise programs will start on your phone from the next day of receiving this kit.
  • You will get the link of the exercise programs on your WhatsApp, SMS and email ID.
  • You will have to click the link everyday and Follow exercise program as per exercise video shared by expert
  • For four days you will have the same exercise program and then it will change on the 5th day, reason being it takes time for the body to get adapted to the load and get the full benefits of that particular exercise program.

Here’s what other patients like you have to say about the Total KneePain Kit after suffering serious symptoms because of Arthritis and other diseases.

We live in the year 2021, and being a resident of Mumbai I work on the clock and commute every day, my knees took a call and started hurting after a period. But, Madhavbaug's Joint Healers greatly assisted me in getting rid of this pain.

Alpa Mehta

I was suffering from joint pain since 2008. Whenever I consulted doctors some told me that it could be rheumatoid arthritis others gave different consultation. When I came to know about Madhavbaug and started taking their treatment I felt the difference within 15 days. I can now do all my household courses as well as it is now comfortable to use Indian washrooms. I am thankful to Madhavbaug Joint Healers.

Lakshmi Samte

I am 72 years old and joint pain is the most common problem at my age. I had consulted several doctors and all of them suggest me to go for an operation. Then I came across Madhavbaug Joint Healers and without any operation my pain is gone

Sudha Tripathi

I was working in the medical profession, so I had decided to cure my knee pain without taking allopathy medicine. I knew that Exercise is an option, but I was looking for where to get a complete package of Exercise with the guidance of a proper doctor and that was given to me by Joint Healers Madhavbagh and today I am living a happy life.

Indrayani Sawant

Take the Next Step in Your to Relieve Knee Pain

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General Price: ₹2500

Today’s Special Price: ₹1700

Pain at rest and on activity
Excessive swelling around the knee
Pain score >6/10 NRS
All daily activities hampered due to pain
Instability at the knee

There is no contraindication for walking with knee pain. But existing knee pain may alter changes in walking pattern leading to compensations during the activity. This will in turn have an effect on the knee thereby increasing the pain and discomfort while walking. So walking as an exercise in case of knee pain is not recommendable.

Night pain is typically indicative of fatigue. The presence of spasms, trigger points and tightness in the muscles cause fatigue which is typically experienced more at night. This increases the stresses and loading on the joints thereby leading to pain during night. Follow these simple steps to relieve your pain at night

  • Warm water bag on the thighs for 10-15 mins before sleep
  • Ice around the joint 10 mins to reduce swelling
  • Static hip exercises throughout the day

If the knee hurts, while you are bending, there is a possibility of any soft tissue injury in the knee. In acute conditions, it could typically hurt after any trauma. Chronically it would majorly indicate muscle imbalance and instability in the knee. It is best to get ruled out by consulting your physiotherapist or doctor to identify the underlying problem.

Muscles around the knee include Quadriceps, Hamstrings and Gastrocnemius. It is important for all these muscles to have good control to stabilise the knee and make it function better. Along with these, Gluteal muscles play a very important role in stabilising the hip and thereby reducing excessive stresses on the knees. Exercises focussing on strengthening the Glutes(hips), Quadriceps(front thigh), Hamstrings(back thigh) and Gastrocnemius(calf) are helpful in developing stability around the knee.

Yes. Definitely. Knee pain can completely go away. Conservative form of treatment includes physical therapy. With a holistic approach of pain management techniques and exercise therapy focussing the entire kinetic chain, knee pain can be cured completely. Maintenance therapy in the form of exercises gives a long term pain relief.

Knee pain is an unpleasant sensation and creates discomfort in all functional activities like squatting, walking, staircase climbing and cross leg sitting. Pain at rest, excessive swelling and inability to perform daily activities of living are signs when knee pain should not be ignored.

Exercise is the best medicine for knee pain. Various worldwide associations like WHO, World Arthritis Association emphasize on ‘Exercise’ to be the best cure for knee pain. Exercises too, should have a holistic approach. A good exercise program should comprise of mobility, flexibility, strength, balance and proprioception exercises. Apart from only the knee, exercises targeting lower back, hip and ankle work well to correct the mechanics of the body and relieve pain. Such a comprehensive product proves to be the best for Knee pain.

Osteoarthritis knees is a degenerative disorder characterized by degenerative cartilage, presence of osteophytes and reduced knee joint space. Patient with osteoarthritis knees presents with pain in knees on rest or activity, swelling in the knees, bow shaped deformity in the knees. Functional activities affected are squatting, walking, staircase climbing and cross leg sitting.

Knee injuries can be any among ligament, meniscus, cartilage or tendon injuries. These can be traumatic or non-traumatic. Hence, there is no particular age for knee problems to start. When we talk about Osteoarthritis, it has a high prevalence among people aged above 65 years. But with inactivity, sedentary lifestyle and altered mechanics, early degenerative changes contribute to OA in population below 65 years of age.

  • Pain at rest
  • Pain on activity
  • Swelling in the knees
  • Instability at the knee
  • Loss of function

Prevention is always better than cure. Knee is a load bearing joint. Hence it has high risk of injury. But, it can definitely be prevented. Knee injury prevention not only includes working on the knee joint, but also equally working on the hip and ankle joint. A comprehensive exercise program including mobility, flexibility, strength and stability exercises for the structures around the hips, knees and ankles is extremely helpful in preventing knee pain. Along with this, correcting the altered biomechanics of the knee especially walking is equally important in preventing knee pain.

Osteoarthritis is a progressive disorder. There are 4 stages of Osteoarthritis.

  • Stage 1- minimal affection. Minor cartilage affection with minor bone spurs.
  • Stage 2- mild affection with increased bone spurs. Minimal cartilage affection with normal joint space. Mild symptoms like pain and stiffness seen
  • Stage 3- moderate affection. Obvious bony changes, joint space reduction and cartilage wear off. Functional activities like walking, standing, bending and kneeling. Joint effusion seen.
  • Stage 4- severe affection. Complete cartilage wear off. Minimal joint space. Loss of synovial fluid. Excessive pain and discomfort in all daily functional activities. Stiffness and immobility in the knee joint. At the end stage; i.e stage 4 OA, surgery is recommended. Conservative management is less likely to give complete pain relief.

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